Responsible gaming

Games should be played for entertainment and the vast majority of people who play for money have never experienced any problems. However, it is estimated that a minority, approximately 2% of the population, are compulsive players.

To ensure your visit to our casino is an enjoyable experience, please take the following into consideration:

  1. Be sure that the decision to play is your own choice.
  2. Set yourself reasonable loss limits before you start playing;
  3. Never play if:
    • You have not reached the legal age required to gamble
    • It affects your ability to work or to carry out any other responsibilities
    • You are recovering from an addiction related illness
    • You are drunk or under the influence of drugs
    • You are trying to recover previous gambling losses.

Please make sure you have set yourself limits and know when to stop. Playing excessively can be harmful. If you are unable to control your gambling, we advise you do not play our games.

Please seek professional help if gambling becomes a need.

Please contact Gamblers Anonymous:, where you can find specialist help available in your country of residence.

Age limit:

[brand] does not aim to attract underage players and actively discourages minors from attempting to play in our casino.

Underage gambling can be harmful, and it can start with an adult taking a minor to a casino or giving them their first lottery ticket.

If a minor can gain access to a computer which contains gambling software, we would strongly advise that you install access control software in order to restrict minors from accessing the software.

Do not let minors have unsupervised access to your computer when the casino software is running. Set up a password for entry to the casino.

Do not allow anyone under 18 years of age to undertake any gambling related activity. Keep your username, password and bank card number in a place out of reach of minors.

Educate your children about gambling laws and and the potential damage that could arise from them placing underage bets.

Unfortunately, no system is infallible and some minors will still manage to escape our notice. If you are aware of any person under 18 years old who has a account please inform customer service by sending an email to [email protected]